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Boogie By The Bay 2012 Update #6



  1. Ben and Melissa
  2. Ronnie and Brandi
  3. Arjay and Jen
  4. Gary and Susan
  5. Sean and Courtney


  1. Benji and Torri
  2. Myles and Tessa
  3. Roystons
  4. Ronnie and Laureen
  5. Greg and Lemery

Young Adult:

  1. Josh and Anyssa (first time on the floor!)
  2. Chris and Nicole
  3. Brandon and Madison

Advanced JJ:

  1. Joe Broderick with Samantha Ward
  2. Evan Pardo and Shanti Davis
  3. Carson Brand and Hannah Clonch
  4. Josh and Anyssa (they drew each other!)
  5. Andy Vanosdale and Maddy Finley

Allstar JJ:

  1. Place JB and Malia
  2. Chris Dumond and Cameo
  3. Ryan and Janelle
  4. Jason Taylor and Stacy
  5. Alfred and Taylor

Champions JJ:

  1. Kyle and Sarah (they drew each other! ha!)
  2. Arjay and Sharlot
  3. Ben Morris and Samantha Buckwalter
  4. Myles and Melissa
  5. Robert Royston and Jessica

Allstar Strictly:

  1. Rob Jackson and Heather Powers
  2. JB and Kara
  3. Cameron and Janelle
  4. PJ and Tashina
  5. Daniel Guido and Stacy

Champions Strictly:

  1. Kyle and Jessica
  2. Arjay and Brandi
  3. Robert Royston ad Torri
  4. John Lindo and Melissa
  5. Ronnie and Jen

And you know what? I am so tired that when I got distracted in the middle of taking pictures of these names and scores I then left the scoring room without finishing and am sorry to say I don’t have any of the scores that were on the other wall (Novice, Intermediate, or Masters.) They’ll be posted online by the event directors, soon, though, I’m sure.

Great atmosphere in the scoring room, by the way. Picture-taking was allowed, all judges names were posted, names of all the contestants in prelims in all divisions including judges scores for who made finals – and it was very “chatty” in there, lot of laughing, friends explaining to each other how to interpret scores, how to read judges key, lot of relaxed joking and cameraderie between dancers, Annie, Kelly, and maybe five other scoring staff hanging out behind the tables chatting with each other and offering easy-going clarification to anyone who asked about anything. I have been in some scoring rooms – MANY scoring rooms, actually – where it’s dead silent, everyone’s whispering, the air is so thick with secrecy and tension you can hardly see the scoring sheets through the fog, with roving police ready to lock you up if you take a picture, ask a dumb question, or blink your eyes in the wrong tone of voice. This was a totally different scene, very loud and happy feeling. Good thing, too, cause there were a *lot* of young people at this event and young people don’t put up with that kind of rigid spooky weird adult behavior – they don’t come back.

Can’t stay awake! Flight early tomorrow morning, haven’t packed yet, descriptions of NASDE routines last night, Juniors and Sophisticated routines today, and Champions JJ finals will have to wait!

It’s been GORGEOUS brilliant blue skies, sunny, warm, simply gorgeous here all weekend.

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