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Boston Tea Party 2013 Update #2

Tom’s brand shoes everywhere! Someone should be getting a commission.

Torri’s cool shoes last night: gray bucks with hot pink soles – from Target!

Kay Newhouse walking around the ballroom with a container of her homemade chocolate-chili-pepper-matzoh confections – I got so excited I knocked the entire container into the air and WE CAUGHT IT. I took the piece with the largest chunk of hot pepper and had to dance VERY fast afterwards with smoke shooting out of my ears

Lot of extended family members here this weekend either by coincidence or because this is a fun family-friendly comp to try to show what we do when we’re away for years at a time.

Tip: Don’t use the new mascara with fibers on both your upper and lower lashes because the glue sticks to itself. I spent last night trying not to blink and apologizing for winking at random strangers.

Dancing last night till 6am yet the lobby HOPPING with happy hyper jumpng dancers at 11am when we limped down for breakfast – boomboxes in every corner, privates everywhere, couples practicing or sharing new moves all over the place – front desk staff standing there smiling and staring, guess they’re used to us by now since Boston events are using this hotel at least several times a year now …

Steve and Rebecca Drzwysznovowelswhateverski are the nicest people in the world I’ve said it before and will say it again. Savvy event directors, too. They hire great people. They try to hire staff who get along well with each other (little bit of brilliance there – never heard this expressed before or its importance emphasized – the less drama the better, drama is a thing we don’t have a shortage of,) they treat their staff well, they make sure two top priorities – registration and competitions – are run seamlessly, schedule arranged carefully to give lots of time for dancing, sleeping, and feeding. All of which create the fun, relaxed atmosphere here at this no-NASDE-no-stress party event.

Finals that have been posted so far:

Open Strictly Finalists:

  • Andrew Mastin and Sarah Richard
  • Dave Damon and Mariel Manzone
  • Eric Cudmore and Kim Filippo
  • Mr. and Mrs. Novoa
  • Mr. and Mrs. Subey Cannon
  • Joe Mahoney and Heather Conkerton
  • Keith Stremmel and Kendra Zara
  • Larry Mongeau and Yuna Davtyan
  • Peter Fradley and Michelle Fletcher
  • Phouvanh Meckasinh and Stephanie Courtemanche
  • Stephane Dominguez and Sonya Dessureault
  • Stephane Roy and Eveleen Sung
  • Steve Wilder and Sara Mouchon

Invitational Strictly Finalists:

  • Arjay and Torri
  • Ben and Jessica
  • John and Melissa
  • Jordan and Tatiana
  • Kyle and Sarah

Invitational Strictly Lindy Finalists:

  • Andy Reid and Nina Gilkenson
  • Michael Pedroza and Karen Turman
  • Nick Williams and Nikki Marvin
  • Peter Strom and Naomi Uyama
  • Zack Richard and Annie Trudeau

Jack and Jills all day today – we’re in dinner break now, tonight is Strictly finals, and the Invitational Crossover can’t wait …

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