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Chicago Classic 2010 Update #3

Sitting in airport, got an internet connection, so Awards:


(there were six couples)

  1. Ben and Melina
  2. Jason and Erica
  3. The Markers
  4. Aussies (dancing Classic for the first time!) Scott and Kat
  5. Frenchies Julien and Beverly
  6. Oscar and Samantha

Rising Star:

  1. Gilbert and Melissa
  2. Jeffrey Munson and Susan Brown
  3. John and Holly (Markers’ adorable Novice couple #1) 4. Chester and Kaitlin (Markers’ adorable Novice couple #2) 5. Jesse Cramer and Tina Price
    • Champion JJ:

      1. Jason Miklic and Tatiana
      2. Maxence and Jen
      3. Miles and Erica
      4. Maxence and Alysa
      5. Miles and Anne Marie

      Allstar JJ:

      1. Jason Marker and Colleen McDonald
      2. Carlos and Angie
      3. Solomon and Sheli
      4. Byron and Stacy Cramer
      5. Kyle Patel and Amanda Warren

      Advanced JJ:

      1. Gilbert and Melissa Spencer
      2. Kris Sweringen
      3. Gary Thompson and Lori Wahl
      4. Carpio and Dawn Lara
      5. Mike Konkel and Dallas

      Masters JJ:

    • Tommy Gibbs and Renee Lippman
    • ?
    • Genieboy and Cindy Dionne
    • Enola and Rodney
    • Liza and Tom Pogros

    Intermediate JJ:

    1. Jore and Samantha Ramirez
    2. Aussie Scott Stewart and Giselle
    3. David Weiss and Natalie
    4. Benjamin Herron and Linda Wilson
    5. Frenchie Julien and Amanda Thompson

    Novice JJ:

    1. Jay Sigh and Frenchie Beverly Bruneri
    2. Jesse King and Danielle Lindblom
    3. Josh and Heather
    4. Alan Stanley and
    5. Jeffrey and Bernadine

    Okay, more soon unless we start boarding … no WiFi on United so might have to wait till tomorrow to finish telling all the fun stuff about this comp … AND … finish telling about MadJam last weekend!

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