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City of Angels 2015 Update #1 - Strictlys!

Um ... this happened HAHAHAHAHAHA.

I'll explain later. For now, here are results from last night ...


NOVICE (straight to Finals)

  1. Michael Ruby and MIchelle Dwyer
  2. Justin Tomas and Brittany Schiro
  3. Neil Halelamien ad Faye Jones
  4. Bobby Watson and Alicia Smith
  5. Kevin Hughes and Ruth Richmone
  6. Alex Randick and Adria Rook
  7. Jonathan Degracia and Angela Perez
  8. Jacques-Olivier Hache and Donna Amato
  9. Mark Henederson and Theresa Braddock
  10. Chih-Ling Hand and Oops I Don't Know Who


  1. Scott Larson and Luce Pasquini
  2. Andrew Vogel and Karen Huddleston
  3. Michael Smith and Carissa Clark
  4. Kevin Rafter and Britny Delp
  5. Ian O'Gorman and Ting Ting Wu
  6. Lenny Vidal and Chanel Decker
  7. Daniel Romero and Regina Burke
  8. Brian Sfonzo and Mandy
  9. Jonah Deitz and Allison Spivack
  10. Kevin Williams and Elisabeth Zosseder
  11. Jory Lenz and Karen Barrett
  12. Jason Abner and Maren Slater
  13. Kz Amitai-Crawford and Emi Hiwatari
  14. Tip West and Teveya Dovbish
  15. Jesse Ferguson and Csilla Lippert
  16. Matthew Hogan and Aniss Upton
  17. Lis Myhre and Cliff Bell
  18. Jeffrey Leonard and Karen Leonard
  19. Ran Halprin and Marina Mamshina
  20. Christopher Chung and Rachel Rivera
  21. Michael Caro and Brandi Caro
  22. Dillon Luther and Corrine Schwartz
  23. Tanin Kosol and Kelly Baker


  1. Michelle and Katrina
  2. Scott and Luce
  3. Kevin and Britny
  4. Brian and Mandy
  5. Jory and Karen
  6. Jason and Maren
  7. Kz and Emi
  8. Jesse and Csilla
  9. Matthew and Anissa
  10. Jeffrey and Karen
  11. Christopher and Rachel
  12. Dillon and Corrine

(alts: Daniel and Regina; Tip and Teveya)


  1. Micael Mathieu and Andrea Schulewitch
  2. Stephen Weltz and April Wong
  3. Shay Patel and D'Leene Peet
  4. Matthew Lietzke and Jade Ruiz
  5. Tyson Phillips and Sally McCarthy
  6. Dirk Haage and Anna-Lena Schlenner
  7. Lance Armstrong and Natalie Fisher
  8. Joshua Messina and Bonnie Lucas
  9. Andrew Sunada and Ann Wood
  10. Joshua Baime and Courtney Mayer
  11. Colton Skogberg and Jessica Green
  12. Alex Wood and Nataliya Tarbeeva
  13. Glen Hinkle and Marylou Starr
  14. David Mulford and Claire Murphy
  15. Matthew Leszcsenski ad Michelle Crozier
  16. Aidan Keith-Hynes and Denise Gibson
  17. PJ Fritzler and Mindia Robin
  18. David Weiss and Erin Fritzler
  19. Oscar Hampton and Marie Remegereau
  20. Austin Scharnhorst and Kali Casas
  21. Thomas Falletta and Francesca Cardillo


  1. Stephen and April
  2. Thomas and Francesca
  3. Matthew and Jade
  4. Tyson and Sally
  5. Dirk and Anna-Lena
  6. Andrew and Ann
  7. Colton and Jessica
  8. Alex and Nataliya
  9. Matthew and Michelle
  10. Austin and Kali

alts: David and Claire; Oscar and Marie

MASTERS (straight to Finals)

  1. Titua Richecoeur and Bruno Kressmann
  2. Patrick Plagens and Sue Fries
  3. Richard Mora and Connie Davis
  4. Patrick Dickerson and Pamela Simons
  5. Dan Rowland and Ting Ting Wu
  6. Scott Dawson and Sumana Datta
  7. Kevin Hughes and Ruth Richmond
  8. Tip West and Regina Burke
  9. Gary Thompson and Laura Thompson
  10. Warren Pino and Carrie Lucas
  11. Ray McLaine and Mary Angelou
  12. Fred Price and Peggy Allen
  13. David Walkup and Trish Connery


  1. PJ and Tara Trafzer
  2. Benji and Sarah
  3. Andrew Shellard and Stacy Kay
  4. Ben Morris and Rutz
  5. Hugo and Tashina
  6. Donnie Carl and Regina Shpigel
  7. Myles and Tessa
  8. Nick and Yenni
  9. Chuck and Alyssa Glanville
  10. Austin Kois and Mackenzie
  11. Carson Brand and Liza Hillman
  12. Ryan Crutcher and Larisa
  13. Kyle and Torri
  14. Parker and Victoria Henk
  15. Matt Richey and oops I forgot!
  16. Andrew Opyrchal and Janelle
  17. Jason Sun and Helen Tocco
  18. JB and Anyssa
  19. Mike Carringer and Kristen Humphrey
  20. Sean and Jen Deluca
  21. Maxime and Courtney
  22. Samir Zutshi and Mikaila Finley
  23. Ben McHenry and Fabienne
  24. Demetre Souliotes and Nicole Clonch
  25. Connor Goodmanson and Cameo
  26. Tony Schubert and oops, forget who
  27. John Piper and Kara
  28. Lee and Malia
  29. Christopher and Hannah Guttman


  1. Kyle and Torri
  2. Sean and Jen
  3. Maxime and Courtney
  4. Ben and Fabienne
  5. Lee and Malia
  6. Ben and Melissa
  7. PJ and Tara
  8. Benji and Sarah
  9. Hugo and Tashina
  10. Myles and Tessa
  11. Parker and Henk

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