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Liberty 2016 Update #3 - Results!


Monday morning!

Liberty Breakfast Club stumbles out of the ballroom 7:30am.

Another year gone by! Liberty 2016 is officially over.

Scoring this weekend! FABULOUS! Prelim results INSTANTLY - before the competitors had even left the floor!

More on scoring later.

Full judges' scoresheets will be posted on Liberty website within a few days.

For now, a few initial results:



  1. Chris and Tara
  2. Ben and Victoria
  3. PJ and Tashina
  4. Lee and Fabienne
  5. Hugo and Stacy


  1. Glenn and Patty
  2. Greg and Lemery
  3. Phillippe and Flore
  4. Jerome and Bonnie


  1. Eric Byers and Keerstin Whitefield
  2. Ludovic Franc and Sandrine Tarea
  3. Philip Spinka and Kendall Reynolds


  1. DC Swing
  2. Team Quebec
  3. Concrete Jungle


  1. Julie Edwards (with Matt)
  2. Rachel Dotter (with Hugo)
  3. Adriana Liggins (with Hugo)
  4. Kristen Shaw (with Arjay)
  5. Jeremy Brown (with Patty)
  6. Linda Guetterman (with Matt)
  7. Joyce Fisher (with Matt)
  8. Lewis Chan (with Sarah)
  9. Michelle Winfrey (with Tybaldt)
  10. Elena Ravich (with Tybaldt)
  11. Nancy Vachon (with Phillipe Berne)
  12. Rick King (with Kendall Reynolds)



"It's my party, so you'll dance with who I want you to dance with. NO WSDC points folks! This is NOT FOR POINTS repeat NOT FOR POINTS! This is A SHOW! FOR YOU! THE AUDIENCE! "

  1. Jordan and Tatiana
  2. Kyle and Sarah
  3. Ben and Torri
  4. Maxime and Lemery
  5. Robert and Patty
  6. Matt and Laureen
  7. Arjay and Tara


  1. Ludovic Franc and Ksenia Nomberg
  2. Glenn Ball and Sandrine Tarea
  3. Eric Byers and Lara Deni
  4. Glen Acheampong and Monica Garcia
  5. Tommy Brodie and Chatelle Pianetta
  6. Cameron Crook and Kay Newhouse
  7. Julien Bec and Stephanie Risser
  8. Ian O'Gorman and Alexis Garrish
  9. Jake Haning and Jackie Joyner
  10. Christoper Lo and Flore Merlier


  1. Andre Silva and Keerstin Whitefield
  2. Ryan Boz and Liz Ravdin
  3. Dustin Wheeler and Nadya Serova
  4. Romero Royster and Jennifer Ferreira
  5. Daniil Pavlov and Sopie Cazeneuve
  6. Thomas Falletta and Tatyaa Hills
  7. Claudio De Caprio and Giulia Kolrusch
  8. Thomas Bachmann and Sasha Drebitko
  9. Bradley Wheeler and Courtney Mayer
  10. Brandon Rasmussen and Natalie Fisher


  1. Vincent Mok and Vanessa Soares
  2. Marlon Mills and Geevieve-Aude Goudreault
  3. Lucky Sipin and Megan Maguire
  4. Check Yee and Summer Hawks
  5. Karia Grigoriants and Helen Chao
  6. Bruno Bittencourt and Leticia Regina da Silva
  7. Aaron Colby and Janet Spencer
  8. James Kong and Marie Phaneuf-Fournier
  9. Dave Mu and Melanye Coleman
  10. Ryan Hayes ad Anu Lehikoinen
  11. Edem Attikese and Monica Ly
  12. Kyle Lapatin ad Adriana Liggins
  13. William Gomez and Daniele Kretli
  14. Rajkumar Rajappan and Lucie Renaud
  15. Joe Arasin and Elysha Greenberg


  1. Gerry Morris and Andrea DeSantis
  2. Douglas Roth and Barbara Jackson
  3. Marcus Schwarz and Jamie Callahan
  4. Bill Hopkins and Tracy Gauthier
  5. Chris Pugmire and Lee Mansfield
  6. Jeremiah Finnigan and Adela Su
  7. David Raines and Susan DeFelice
  8. Butch Nelson ad Carol Baldwin
  9. Buzz Bunting and Helen Tang
  10. Richard DeFelice and Samantha Defrancesco



  1. Kyle and Torri
  2. Jordan and Tatiana
  3. Maxime and Alyssa
  4. Ben and Laureen
  5. Robert and Tashina
  6. Matt and Bonnie Subey
  7. PJ and Sarah


  1. Rob Glover and Alexis Garrish
  2. Jake Haning and Ksenia Nomberg
  3. Ian O'Gorman and Jackie Joyner
  4. Stephane Roy and Lara Deni
  5. Julien Bec and Sophie Cazeneuve
  6. Matthew Smith and Kay Newhouse
  7. Ludovic Franc and Flore Merlier
  8. Philippe Berne and Sandrine Tarea


  1. Andre Silva and Shirlei Toledo
  2. Claudio De Caprio and Daniele Kretli
  3. Dustin Wheeler and Sasha Drebitko
  4. Dillon Luther and Courtney Mayer
  5. Chuck Yee and Kristen Shaw
  6. Marcus Roth and Marena Richardson
  7. Marc Heldt and Giulia Kohlrusch
  8. Katia Grigoriants and Faith Pangilinan
  9. Dominique Morin and Alix Lajoie
  10. Sean Gao and Tatyana Bills


  1. Daniil Pavlov and Helen Chao
  2. Ryan Hayes and Laura Pendleton
  3. Vincent Mok and Janet Spencer
  4. Laurissa Stokes and Melanye Coleman
  5. James Kong and Sarah Marie
  6. Andrew Hayden and Savanna Read
  7. Joseph Miller and Vanessa Soares
  8. Aaron Colby and Elysha Greenberg
  9. Faith Pangilinan ad Kathy Tang


  1. Jake Haning and Lara Deni
  2. Keith Stremmel and Kristin Wenger
  3. Marlon Mills and Dawn Sgarlata
  4. Dominique Morin and Catherine Miu
  5. Ken Kreshtool and Paula Wilson
  6. Marcus Schwarz and Jennifer Edwards
  7. Jack Ray and Barbara Vicar
  8. Philip Spinka and Angela McCabe
  9. Richard and Susan DeFelice
  10. Bill Hopkins and Mane Rebelo-Plaut


  1. Bill Hopkins and Lorraine Rohlik
  2. Victor Loveira and Dori Eden
  3. Richard DeFelice and Adela Su
  4. Buzz and Debbie McCreary
  5. Gerry Morris and Andrea DeSantis
  6. Genieboy Collins and Kristin Wenger
  7. Kyle King and Susan DeFelice
  8. Jeremiah Finnigan and Constance Brown
  9. Joe Williams and Tracy Gauthier
  10. Lewis Chan and Judy Arnold
  11. Douglas Roth and Francoise Adan
  12. Joey and Bernadine Fanini
  13. Tim Cahlander and Bev Hollis

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