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MadJam 2013 Update #3

Strictly Winners!


  1. Luis and Heather
  2. Ken Roesel and Lisa Schaupp
  3. Kurt Senser and Kristin Wenger
  4. Gary Jobst and Sue Lambell


  1. Jean Pierre Sachs and Christelle Ouvrad
  2. Tze Ming Wee and Krystal Symbolin
  3. Blaine and Miki Schultz
  4. Mairon Batista and Vanessa Sorres
  5. Dave and Gina


  1. Pavel Pavlov and Olga Usmanova
  2. Ramero Royster and Veronica Castilla
  3. Casey Miller and Tatiana Zavyalova
  4. Miguel Valle and Nadia Serova
  5. Corey Flowers and Cat Silvers


  1. Grigory Lebedev and Kat Aulasevich
  2. Jerome Fernandez Irina Puzanova
  3. Hugo Miguez and Lindsey Nastos
  4. Reginald Beason and Linda Cuccio
  5. Akil Boatwright and Whitney Brown

… and the most AMAZING Open Strictly … seriously astonishing dancing … jam style with spot lighting …audience circled around on the floor … finalists (14 couples from a field of 40 fabulous dancers) dancing two times through (WHAT A TREAT!) and a final all skate …

Picture these couples, at their happiest, most creative, energetic, joyful, craziest best:

  • Jordan and Sarah
  • Brandi and PJ
  • Luis and Tren
  • Marcus and Kellese
  • Brent and Tessa
  • Benji and Tatiana
  • Brennar and Deborah
  • Kyle and Torri
  • Arjay and Melissa
  • Jason Barnes and Lemery
  • Chuck and Laureen
  • Maxence and Virginie
  • Robert and Jill Demarco
  • Stephen and Nicole

… and the Open Winners:

  1. Benji and Tatiana
  2. Arjay and Melissa
  3. Jordan and Sarah
  4. Kyle and Torri
  5. Maxence and Virginie

I keep asking people “are you having fun? do you like this event?” and I have heard nothing but 100% HAVING A BLAST OMG SO MUCH FUN I LOVE THIS EVENT OMG. Seriously – I’ve asked brand new people, allstars, people who’ve been to only a few comps, people who go to every comp, chronic complainers, Russians, Texans, blondes, old-timers, kids, and lots and lots of pros (cause there are lots and lots of pros here to ask, and if pros are having fun there’s a “trickle-down” effect in my opinion) and so far nothing – seriously, nothing – but enthusiastic rave reviews …

Also, so far no problems with the floor being too crowded. Of course it’s still early as I write this – 2am so dancing’s just starting ..


~ I forgot to mention a third DJ last night – Erica Lyons! How could I forget Erica? Sheesh.

~ And the reason registration was slow is because the wifi connection in this hotel leaves much to be desired. I know I’ve been struggling with it myself and I’m told they’ve been struggling down at registration, too.

Anything else?

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