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Milwaukee 2009 Update #2

Strictly’s were last night!

Results (names I could catch):

Hustle Novice

  1. 2nd Kelly Strouse and Michelle Haynes

Hustle Intermediate:

  1. Jimmy Torres and Peggy Polk (who has delightful armpits – Terry Roseborough got his thumb stuck in one and spent all Friday night sticking his thumb out for everyone to have a smell)
  2. Cindy Dionne
  3. Jeff Tran and Natalie

Hustle Open:

  1. Carlos and Nancy Tuzzolino
  2. Fred Price and Angie
  3. Nino and Tina Price
  4. Angel and Debbie
  5. Joe and Stephanie

West-Coast Intermediate:

  1. Albert Corrozato and Donise
  2. Jimmy Torres and Peggy Polk (who has, in addition to delightful armpits, giNORMOUS boobs. But only when she stuffs her bra).
  3. Kelly Strouse and Lasonya
  4. Ken Negley and Carrie Richards
  5. Sebastien and Veranne (here again from France!)

West-Coast Open:

  1. Our Rob!! with adorable Dallas! (the Texas adorable Dallas, who is even adorabler than our DC adorable Dallas)
  2. Our Connie!! with Benjamin Plante
  3. Our Whitney!!!! with Victor
  4. Nino and Colleen McDonald
  5. Jake and Laura Christopherson

And the funniest part of the evening … a Dancing With The Stars kind of auction thing, where you bid auction-style (Robert Royston was the auctioneer and this man has another calling, in addition to dancing, choreographing, and making movies (and by the way Love ‘N Dancing has opened in the UK and US in some cities – oh and also by the way he just choreographed Taylor Swifts tour) and he sounds like he’s been doing auctions all his life) on pro’s and then have a half-hour to prepare a routine to perform right after. Ben Morris and Brent Key both went for about $200, Royston beat his last year’s $500 bid and went for almost $600!!, and Kellese and Melina decided to be bid on as a single unit – Kelly Strouse won them for about $250).

The winners of that competition were tied – Kelly with the Melinalleese Duo, and Beverly Salazzo with Michael Norris (in a shag routine that was so adorable I got all choked up).

It’s raining today and much cooler. So no sitting on the balcony in the sun. But on the plus side the room is no longer stiflingly hot (the ballroom has also been hot – no AC there, either).

JJ’s start in an hour and tonight is routines. Yippee I love Saturdays!

Yesterday at the Piggly Wiggly (once upon a time a guy decided to start a grocery-store chain and as he sat in his armchair deep in thought he suddenly had a flash of inspiration: I will call it Piggly Wiggly!) we decided that since we are here in the land of cheese-heads we really ought to buy a hunk of cheese and found something called Wisconsin Brick Cheese that looked kinda bland, like muenster or havarti. We asked the girl at the check-out counter what it was and she said huh yeah I think kinda creamy, but also sort of crumbly, hmm well it’s not exactly like cheddar, sort of like swiss but not really, okay I have no idea I’m from Chicago. So we said SOLD! and bought it. Last night at 5am we opened the cheese as our bed-time snack. Oy yoy yoy. This is the stinkiest stink cheese that ever stank. It’s like Limburger. But stinkier. It is so astonishingly stinky that you have to hold a wet towel so you can instantly wipe your hands to get the stink off. Fortunately we have a deck so we leave it outdoors – otherwise people walking through the hall would wonder why stink fumes were wafting out of our room.

I LOVE this cheese! I sat on the deck with my wet towel and ate hunk after stinky hunk, washing it down with my favoritest wine: Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc, watching the light show and warm breezes blow the fountains in the lake.

More later!

Love Liza

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