Liza May

Which Millennials?


Hey, here's an idea!

Let's make the same mistake again!

Starting right now!

Let's pretend the word "Millennials" means "Young People Who Don't Like Trump."

I think it's a great idea to ignore the children of 59,705,048 Trump voters!

Just like we ignore their parents!

Because come on, everybody knows they don't exist. White Working Class people don't exist in America. We don't have classes in America, like in those less-evolved countries like the UK where people not only admit to being working class, they act like they're proud of it.

Or India with that shameful caste system. We would never have that here. Rich people living in a tower of luxury with poor people sleeping on the sidewalk down below? Not in America.

We don't have a class system in America, because America is about equality.

In America there's no such thing as "Upper Class," "Middle Class," "Working Class." Especially "Working Class" which just sounds unsavory.

Especially WHITE working class. That sounds even more unsavory.

Why would you call attention to the fact that somebody's White? Like "Whiteness" is anything to be proud of?

Call them Evangelicals, Mormons, non-college-educated, anything. Just don't call them White. Someone might notice and speak up on their behalf Heaven forbid. That would be bad. Before you know it 59,705,048 white working class Americans might start thinking they have a voice. Or an identity they can feel proud of God forbid.

By the way.

Those pictures of WalMart people are not funny.

They've never been funny.

They're mean.

White working class people deserve the same respect as everyone else.

White Working Class culture does exist. And it deserves to be celebrated.

Not derided, mocked, shamed, condescended to, lectured, despised, made a laughing-stock, or made invisible. Or ignored.

Like their lives don't matter.

Until they're shipped out to Fallujah.


I voted for Hillary, by the way, whom I've admired since the earliest days of the Women's Movement in 1970's Boston. The Women's Movement - which took 30 years to understand that  "women"  is not synonymous with "white women."   We  --  meaning we liberals  --  need to see an eye doctor because we appear to have some longstanding issues with our vision.

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