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Spotlight New Year’s 2012 Update #3

What an outpouring of love for Doug and Lori! It’s now been three days and Facebook is overflowing with long missives on how much the weekend meant, how great Doug and Lori are, the love felt all weekend, how thankful people are to be part of the community.

Heartfelt thank you’s and appreciations of Doug and Lori thanking them for their generosity, humility, the respect they have for individuals and for the community as a whole. It all feels genuine – it’s clear that people have real relationships with the Rousars and other leaders here – that the community has been built on a foundation of actual friendships and close personal relationships. Of course relationships are everywhere in the wcs community (good and bad – “relationships” is an understatement) but you know what I’m trying to say. It’s different here. You just feel something very different. Trying not to use the word “love” which sounds melodramatic but love is exactly what you feel here. Solid, devoted, long-term, down-to-earth, mushy, compassionate, fierce, respectful love.

Eight routines!

Four Rising Star couples (Doug made a special request that we show interest in having this division at the comps we attend. I agree! Rising Star is a great way for new couples to learn how to get a routine on the floor and start up on the circuit.)

  1. Hieu Le and Natalie Gorg, “Unfold”
  2. Michael Saloka and Nicole Zwerlein, “Feel So Close”
  3. Chris Edwards and Amy Lee,
  4. Frank Blakemore and Faith Musko, “Lovestruck”

Four Classic:

  1. Matt and Crystal “You Don’t Know Me” – which I think they’ve now danced a few times since late summer. Our first time seeing it live – it’s beautiful! As funny as Matt is in this he is serious and believable. And Crystal? What a gorgeous woman she is! And how beautifully she moves! Great song, great choreography, gorgeous dancing.
  2. Arthur and Colleen with “Eet” (I lerv this routine)
  3. Kris and Rebecca with “Gold”
  4. Jason and Annmarie with A NEW ROUTINE! Our favorite so far, “Creep” (Radiohead)

Have you ever seen a Classic All-Skate? I bet not. You would remember if you had. Another of Doug and Lori’s ideas, and omgawd, how hilarious! After all routines are done Classic couples are called out to the floor for an All-Skate to perform their own routines, everybody together at the same time, to “Sexy Back.” So funny.

Jack and Jill finals here are all spotlight (wait! Having a Nah-Duh moment! This is why it’s called Spotlight New Year’s?!?)

Here are finalists, placements, and music:

(Judges: Nino DiGiulio, Jason Miklic, Jason Marker, Sophy Kdep, Debbie Figueroa, Arthur Uspensky, and Hazel Ulrich. Deejay: Victor)


Finalists (show of hands found almost all Novice dancing their first spotlight. Exciting!):

  • Jeff Fraunhoffer
  • Thomas Clyde
  • Todd Coulthard
  • John Blaska
  • Jonathan Villar
  • Jonah Grimes
  • Clayton Gilbert
  • Michael Peascoe
  • Corey Flowers
  • Richard Falls
  • Damon Lampley
  • Crystal Sambolín
  • Catherine Jones
  • Amy Lee
  • Kimberly Ferrell
  • Rachel Kutay
  • Abby Steele
  • Noelle Sereis
  • Etta Berkland
  • Judalyn Weeks
  • Tess Monea
  • Adriana Harris
  • Jonathan and Judalyn got “In My Head” (Jason DeRulo)
  • Clayton and Kimberly got “Freeze” (Jordin Sparks)
  • Todd and Catherine got “Let It Rock” (Kevin Rudolf)
  • John and Tess got “Take It Off” (K$sha)
  • Jeff and Rachel got “Wait For You” (Chris Brown)
  • Corey and Crystal got “I Must Be Crazy” (Gnarls Barkley)
  • Carlos and Abby got “1, 2, Step” (Missy Elliott)
  • Thomas and Adriana got “The Way I Are” (Timbaland)
  • Michael and Noelle got “Wait For You” (Chris Brown)
  • Jonah and Amy got “This Ain’t Sex” (Usher)
  • And the All-Skate to “Yeah” (Usher)

Novice Winners:

  1. Todd and Catherine
  2. Michael and Noelle
  3. Richard and Abby
  4. Damon and Etta
  5. Thomas and Adriana



  • Jean-Paul Marchand
  • Scott Mercer
  • Matthew Boehm
  • Frank Blakemore
  • Steven Krieg
  • Jesse Ping
  • Vernon Hagel
  • Grant Simpson
  • Wesley Weasel Brown
  • Yu Sun
  • Michael Saloka
  • Keerstin Whitefield
  • Elissa Gutterman (from Israel!)
  • Cari Chestnut
  • Faith Musko
  • Marina Moeller
  • Lauren Wietchy
  • Leah Burkman
  • Lauren Assaf
  • Katie Fallon
  • Ashley Brown
  • Jewell Reid
  • Matthew and Lauren got “What’s Your Name” (Usher)
  • “Don’t Need It” (Jamie Fox)
  • Scott and Leah got “Cause I Said So” (Ne-Yo)
  • Grant and Marina got “Helluva Night” (Madcon)
  • Jesse and Katie got “Please Don’t Go” (Mike Posner)
  • Michael and Elissa got “Damaged” (Danity Kane)
  • Steven and Keerstin got “Available” (Flo Rida)
  • Wesley and Ashleigh (brother and sister – they drew each other! and were SO adorable, so fonky, controlled, attitudinous – they had us at that first “1, 2, 3, 4!” which they counted out in unison with such bravado they won the division at that moment) – dancing to “Forever” (by Chris Brown)
  • Frank and Faith got “Dynamite” (Taio Cruz)
  • Jean-Paul and Jewell got “More”
  • Yu and Kerry got “Stuttering” (Mario)
  • And the All-Skate to “Pump Up The Jam” (Technotronic)

Intermediate Winners:

  1. Wesley and Ashley
  2. Vern and Lauren
  3. Michael and Elissa
  4. Matthew and Lauren
  5. Steven and Keerstin



  • Nelson Clarke
  • Mike Glasgow
  • Niko Salgado
  • Jeff Mumford
  • Chris Moy
  • Genieboy Collins
  • Jamey Pietrowiak
  • Hieu Le
  • Stephanie Risser
  • Natalie Gorg
  • Maria Ford
  • Julie Epplett
  • Kendra Zara
  • Katia Grigoriants
  • Dawn Lara
  • Katie Slater Hicks
  • Jamey and Julie got “Imma Go” (Taio Cruz)
  • Nelson and Stephanie Risser got “Turn Up The Music” (Chris Brown)
  • Jeff and Katia got “Scream” (Usher)
  • Genieboy and Maria got “Only Girl” (Rihanna)
  • Mike and Natalie got “Me U and The Music” (Lemar)
  • Chris and Dawn got “Give Me Everything” (Pitbull)
  • Niko and Kendra got “I Can Only Imagine” (David Guetta)
  • Hieu and Katie got … uh oh I missed this one …
  • And the All-Skate to “Blues Power” (Albert King)

Advanced Winners:

  1. Nelson and Stephanie
  2. Mike and Natalie
  3. Jeff and Katia
  4. Hieu and Katie
  5. Jamey and Julie



  • Mike Glasgow
  • Larry Hough
  • Rick Domalski
  • Genieboy Collins
  • Scott Pulling
  • Wayne Rohr
  • Catherine Jones
  • Julie Epplett
  • Joann Podleski
  • Beverly Solazzo
  • Cynthia Rohr
  • Jennifer Vaughn
  • Larry and Cynthia got “Just Got Paid” (Johnny Kemp)
  • Scott and Beverly got “Let’s Groove” (Earth, Wind and Fire)
  • Wayne and Jennifer got “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” (MJ)
  • Mike and Joann got “Got To Be Real” (Cheryl Lynn)
  • Genieboy and Catherine got “Word Up” (Cameo)
  • Rick and Julie got “Best Of My Love” (The Emotions)

Masters Winners:

  1. Rick and Julie
  2. Mike and Joann
  3. Larry and Cynthi
  4. Wayne and Jennifer
  5. Genieboy and Catherine


Didn’t make it to the ballroom in time to see Newcomer, but here are the winners:

  1. Doug Nofzinger and Katrina Verey
  2. Dominic Bernard Carolina Amendola
  3. John Zonicle and Sophia Gutterman
  4. Michael Cooper and Marjorie Kyle
  5. Stanley Moody and Veronika Doma


And in that magic campfire-like Allstar/Pro JJ final in which all couples danced to Sungha Jung’s haunting guitar melodies:

  • Angel and Melissa Rollins got “Just The Way You Are”
  • Carlos Garcia and Melissa Greene got “Rock With You
  • Chris Van Houten and Taletha got “Change The World”
  • Mike Konkel and Debbie Figueroa got “California Dreamin”
  • Jason Marker and Colleen got “She Will Be Loved”
  • Arthur and Stephanie Ciaglo got “Set Fire To The Rain”
  • Matt and Erica Smith got “Pay Phone”
  • Tybaldt and Crystal … and then later Nino and Rebecca … danced to “More Than Words”
  • Bryan Jordan and Rebecca got “Grenade”
  • Kris Swearingen and Annmarie got “Man In The Mirror”
  • Brennar and Sheli Schroeder
  • Jason and Sophy (yes, they drew each other!) got “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough”
  • Nino and Stacy Cramer got “Sunday Morning”
  • For the final All-Skate Victor played Daniel Bedingfield’s “Gotta Get Through This” and the Juke Jumpers “Give Me Something Fried”

Allstar/Pro Winners:

  1. Tybaldt and Crystal
  2. Jason and Sophy
  3. Matt and Erica
  4. Nino and Rebecca
  5. Jason and Colleen

All scores (complete with judges sheets! Why doesn’t every comp do this?) can be found here.

Doug: “If you’re in you’ll get tapped. If you don’t get tapped you didn’t make it, so go to the bar. Wait, the bar’s closed? Shoot. Okay then if you don’t get tapped go to your room and drink.”

Doug (explaining Jack and Jill to Newcomers): “This is a perfect time to bribe the judges. They’re not cheap, but it’s worth it cause it’s effective.”

Doug: “Grab someone and just dance with them. Don’t do west coast swing, don’t do anything special. Just dance. For the fun of it.”

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