Liza May

Tampa 2011 Update #2

It’s Saturday morning and we’re about to head down to the ballroom to begin our day of JJ’s, Strictlys, and then tonight Young Adult and Classic.

It is GORGEOUS weather here on the beach – clear blue skies, waves crashing all day, surfers skidding along, gulls crying, white sand as far as you can see … Heaven! And an enormous Full Moon! The beach at night bathed in silver, wind shining on the waves, palm trees dancing … Heaven! Pure heaven! Our private balcony hangs over the sand, sun shines directly from 11am on – nude sunbathing yesterday! We’ve had a glass of Kim Crawford and watched a brilliant orange and pink sun sink into the long horizon two nights now. Thursday night, around 3am, I had a second glass of Kim Crawford and then figured it was so lovely out there on the balcony I might as well have a third glass, and then heck, might as well have a fourth and then the last few drops to finish off the bottle which I did and which is why I woke up with a headache Friday morning.

Uh oh oops gotta go – we have to run down to check in (no competitors’ meetings! yay!), warm up, and dance.

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