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VIP 2011 Update #5


It’s afternoon here.

The sun is so bright! Skies so blue!  Air so gentle!

No semi’s so we’ve got a bit of a break until tonight’s Awards.

Dancers, dancers, lounging everywhere!  At the pool, napping on terrace couches, at the bar. 

Bunch of Texans lugging cases of beer and bags of chips into the elevator.

Lotta Texans here this weekend. Texans and Okies ( “North Texans” Robert likes to call them.) Texans seem to be travelling the circuit this year, actually getting out of Texas! Wow, getting out of Texas. Word must have gotten out something's out there which is not Texas!  Brave ones are venturing out like daring explorers to see what astonishing things might be discovered.

The elevator for the North Tower is in a very yellow small foyer with one wall of mirrors and a couch placed so you can sit and watch people getting into and out of the elevator. Rome Slater spent most of last night sitting in the couch elevator-watching. It’s like train-watching, only with elevators. People debark, stop to chat with Rome, then be on their way.  Like Otis settin’ on the stoop of the general store, chattin’ with the townsfolk on their comings and goings.

There are two elevators but one’s not working. It stopped working with Michael O’Connor in it.  He was stuck for an hour and a half.  Must have been boring for Rome watching the closed elevator door.

Something disorienting about this foyer. You get out of the elevator and turn this way to cross outside to the ballroom, or that way to enter the lobby.  I’ve exited the elevator 200 times this trip alone, not to mention US Open trips, and I turn the wrong way every time.

Last night it rained for an hour so the sidewalk to the ballroom was wet. A whole pile of us got out of the elevator, turned the wrong way, got our shoes wet in the rain, then had back the other way, through puddles in our dance shoes.  All of us except Bridgette who rode Arjay over.

I’m sure there must be more important things to tell you about. Let's see ...

Advanced/Allstar JJ Prelims (two heats):

  • Brad Whelan
  • Hugo Minez
  • JB Brodie
  • Cling Glasgow
  • Stephen White
  • Kris Swearingen
  • Trey
  • Connor
  • Greg Scott
  • Rome
  • Daniel Guido
  • Steven Guido
  • Ben McHenry
  • Scott Stuart
  • Jorge Villatoro
  • Michael O’Connor
  • Jason Taylor
  • Soleman
  • Ed Purselle
  • Steve Hunt
  • Steve Hall
  • Josh Clark
  • Sean McKeever
  • Jim Chisholm
  • Mackenzie
  • Lee Ann Johnson
  • Cameo
  • Bella
  • Tiffany Lubran
  • Alyssa
  • Sabrina
  • April Sakaluk
  • Rosie Campos
  • Tori Ellington
  • Katrina Ostrenski
  • Linda Cuccio
  • Angeline Lucia
  • Samantha Ramirez
  • Taylor
  • Elise
  • Brianne
  • Tara
  • Kara
  • Angie Jones
  • Tracy Staten
  • Lemery
  • Chevy
  • Courtney
  • Janelle
  • Alisa Winkler
  • Rebecca Ludwick
  • Marina

Judges: Annie, Michelle, Nicola, Carmen, Tyoni, Kellese, Lasonda, and Chief Judge Yvonne.

Victor played SUCH good music for warm-ups before the JJ’s started. Perfect warm-up music for Saturday morning: moderate tempo groovin’ soulful R&B. Nothing too screaming loud or pounding, just the right music to wake up to, get your bones moving again after only a few hours’ sleep. Victor’s music for the comps was also great. Perfect in fact. Perfect perfect mix. All danceable. He’s really good.

Masters Strictly’s:

  • Dave and Claudette Berryhill
  • Wayne Brodd and Patty Jones
  • Don Law and Enola O’Connor
  • George and Diane Hughes
  • Chips Hough and Janice Salmon

Adv/Allstar Strictly’s:

  • Jorge and Angie Jones
  • JB and Alissia Bishop
  • Clint and Rebecca
  • Jesse Vos and Tiffany
  • Michael O’Connor and Tracy Staten
  • Jason Taylor and Janelle
  • Sean and Tori
  • Daniel and Kat Ostrenski
  • Steven Guido and Lee Ann Johnson
  • Brad and Angeline
  • Hugo and Bella
  • Kris and Courtney
  • Soleman and Cameo
  • Ed Purselle and Christy Parker
  • Connor and April
  • Steve Hunt and Kara
  • Greg Scott and Sabrina
  • Ben McHenry and Alyssa
  • Steve Hall and Tara
  • Doug Silton and Samantha Ramirez

Judges have been the same for all divisions so far.

And now ... time to put on my gown and walk the Red Carpet!

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