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WWWestie 2015 Update #7 - Music!

I'm home!

Back from one of those miserable airport days. Flash lightning storms makes for blech travelling.

And that United Airlines computer crash I'm sure you've heard about. I wasn't on United, thank the Lord, but any airline problem affects other airlines because gates, connections, chaos ...

Total blech.

Our pros who travel - this is their life. Not as glamorous as it seems.

Wanted to say something about the music at WWWestie ...

GREAT music. All weekend.

WWW Deejays were Ruby, Helen, Cher, and Chris Singley.

So much cool social dance music I'd not heard!

Best of all, Helen's Newcomer and Novice Jack and Jill songs. Hallelujah! Good music for lower levels!

Helen says she is not a believer in saving all the best music for Allstars and Champions.

Me neither y'all! Pet peeve of mine for 50 years.

So check this out ... here's what Helen played for Novice:

What Helen Played for Novice Prelims:

"Let's Walk" (Austin de Lone)

"Gooey" (Glass Animals)

"Love Never Felt So Good" (Michael Jackson)

"Walk On" (Ruthie Foster)

"Missing You" (Betty Who)

"Can't Get Enough" (Yeah Boy)

"Lullabies" (Yuna)

"Show Me" (Usher)

What Helen Played For Novice Semis:

"Don't Cry on My Shoulder" (Sam Cooke)

"Good Lovin" (Miguel & Ludacris)

"She Came to Give it to You" (Usher)

What Helen Played for Novice Finals:

"Get My Name" (Mark Ballas)

"Built for Comfort" (Dion)

And of course ... "Respect" (by the one and only Aretha)


And thank you to Ruby, Cher, and Chris! Great music all weekend!  


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