Liza May

Atlanta 2010 Update #3

JJ Finals!!


(Judges were Debbie Ramsey, Melina, Nicola, Ben, Barry, and Jack)

  • Pamela Benet with James (sorry, too fast for me to catch leaders’ last names)
  • Deanne Nyland with Benjamin
  • Alex Grunwald with oops
  • Kristin Curry with Xavier Dumont
  • Alisa Vidal with uh oh
  • Amber Hicks with Hugo
  • Estelle Bonnaire with Chris
  • Alya Fluger with Mario Not Robau
  • Melissa Eelman with Jeremy
  • Lisa Turner with oy vay
  • Jesse Decker with Analina Rochfeuille
  • Kathleen Armstrong with Dean
  • Anya with Cody Dunavan
  • Whitney Bartlett with sheesh I can’t get ‘em too fast
  • Vino with Krystal Bravo

Intermediate Finals:

(Judges Mark Traynor, Debbie Ramsey, Barry, Teddy Kern, Nicola, and Jack)

  • Nick Jones with Wendy Cart
  • Reggie Beason with Melodie Chardonner
  • Gerry Morris with Blandine
  • Sebastien with Verane (ha! yay! my friend!)
  • Michael with Melody Carr
  • Stefan with Lina Grukowski
  • Francois with ME! Ha! (Don’t remember the three couples named after me, in fact I don’t remember anything after hearing my name called. I made finals!)

Advanced/Allstar Finals:

(Judges Deonna, Kellese, Barry, Debbie Ramsey, Benji (standing in for Nicola who had to run off to change Summer’s diaper), and Jack)

  • Victor and Debbie Noble
  • Jimmy and Khy Cuismano
  • Scott Stuart and Kelly Hull
  • Earl and Taylor
  • James H and the terribly unattractive Melissa Rollins
  • Greg and Lemery (ha! got each other!)
  • Trey and Brianne
  • Carpio and Heidi Batdorf
  • Brennar and Yenni (which do you like better: Yennar? or Brenni? They dance like magic and are doing a strictly together tomorrow)
  • Stephen White and Samantha Buckwalter
  • Steve Hunt and Tori Ellington
  • Josh Clark and Kat Ostrenski
  • JB and Melissa Greene, and
  • PJ and Courtney

Ohhhhhh Boy. Tonight is almost here! Oh boy oh boy oh boyoboyoboyoboyoboyoboy. I am so excited

Tonight’s schedule:

8:00 Masters Routines

9:00 Hand-Dance Strictly

and then 10:00 AUGHGHGHGHGHGH!!!

SO much to tell. LATER!

Love Liza

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