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Atlanta 2010 Update #4

Awards! Ran late last night, almost 11 by the time final good-bye’s and thank-you’s were said! I could listen to Jackie all day, though, she is SO DAGGONE FUNNY – and real, and heart-felt, she’s a natural on a mic. Almost worth the price of admission to hear Jackie talk.

So by now I’m sure you’ve heard results but if not – HERE THEY ARE!


(Judges: Festa, Barry Jones, Grace, Michael Norris, and Sylvia)

  1. Place Jordan and Tatiana
  2. Ben and Melina
  3. Kyle and Sarah
  4. Parker and Jen
  5. Gary and Susan
  6. Sebastien and Blandine
  7. Scott and Katrina
  8. Aurum and Nera
  9. Jason and Ann Marie
  10. Josh and Katherine
  11. Benjamin and Melodie


(Judges: Festa, Arjay, Sylvia, Jessica, Jack, and Chief Judge Annie)

  1. Benji and Kellese
  2. Barry and Patty
  3. Robert and Nicola
  4. Cody and Tracey
  5. Greg and Lemery
  6. TJ and Wendy


(Judges: Jack, Festa, Barry, Grace, Sylvia)

  1. Jesse Benedeti and Kimalee Piedad (I sat on the floor for this, next to Debbie Ramsey-Boz, and let’s just say Debbie enjoyed this routine. Particularly the part about Jesse Benedeti having his shirt off. I know this because I had the camera pressed to my face trying to take pictures and when Jesse Benedeti walked on the floor I nearly got knocked over by Debbie whirling around in all directions announcing to everyone within earshot He Has No Shirt On. He Has No Shirt On.) Stunning couple, stunning dancing, stunning lack of a shirt on an extremely stunning buff, tan, helluva good-looking guy. Mario’s only comment when they were done, after an awkward silence: “Either one of them I’d go out with. I’m just saying.” (Funny from Mario. Famously heterosexual Mario).
  2. DB’s MVP’s (Deonna’s team doing their Michael Jackson tribute)
  3. Barry and Dari Anne Amato (their beyond hilarious Barbie and Ken routine – pictures of this routine from Liberty last year: )
  4. Benji (all in white, an angel who’s lost his wings (which he tears from his shoulders as he enters the floor, leaving a pile of white fluff)
  5. Torri (in a red and black crinoline tutu flamenco 80′s Moulin Rouge stockings-and-garters gloves fire-engine-red lipstick multiple necklaces Madonna costume – I was watching her warm up on the floor right in front of me and didn’t even recognize her at first – this is the baaaad-girl side of Torri, ha!! In a cool jazz routine choreographed by Benji)
  6. Robert and Nicola (HA!!! hahahahahahahahahaha! Lord have mercy this was pretty daggone hilarious. “Bubba and Betty Sue Part II The Family Years” – a replay of their cabaret routine of a few years ago but this time a little different. It’s been a few years and this time they come on stage looking not very happy at all, Robert towing Bobby in one hand and a toy truck or a beer in the other; Nicola looking mildly homicidal, Summer slung across her hip. Then who should come walking onto the floor but Parker holding a beer, with “Babe Magnet” scrawled across his t-shirt, sniffing around Nicola who suddenly is smiling real sexy but instead of walking off with him like you expect she has a different idea – she hands Summer over to him and struts off with a huge grin plastered across her face. And that’s just the opening of the routine. Like the original newly-married version it’s again a 2-step, waltz, swing routine complete with playing drums on Nicola’s butt while she’s somehow hanging upside down, dragging her around the floor cave-man style, and other witty shenanigans.)
  7. TJ and Wendy Zito (Dancing to the same gorgeous song as the first couple – Sarah Bareilles exquisite “Gravity” – a song which must have have been written with a theater-arts or showcase routine in mind, it is heart-breakingly beautiful.)
  8. Willis Clan (same routine as last year – oh, and by the way, thought I’d just mention again for the third or twentieth time: Brenda is pregnant with their 12th child)
  9. Ryan Boz (free-style poppin-n-lockin to Boom Boom Pow – pretty cute 10-yr-old and I’m glad I got to sit next to Debbie for this cause her enjoyment was even cuter than her son’s dancing)


  1. National Shag Dance Team
  2. Team Joe (two guys who look identical – I don’t know them and was confused all weekend trying to tell them apart – dancing with two women who also look identical, I was confused all weekend about them, too. No sisters or brothers here, just four very funny dancers from Nashville who put together a clever, well-danced routine)
  3. Shag Shack Kickers
  4. Mad Swingers (Sebastien’s team from France!)

Masters Shag

  1. Gene and Nancy Pope
  2. Frank Brandley and Ellen Taylor
  3. Rick and Maureen Little
  4. Archer and Pat Joyce
  5. Les and Marsha Rose
  6. Butch and Kathy Dukes


(this is not your regular Strictly, it’s an open NASDE Strictly, one division only)

  1. Benji and Deborah
  2. Ben Morris and Jessica
  3. Jordan and Melina
  4. Michael Norris and Tatiana
  5. Sam West and Ellen Turner
  6. Maxence and Stacy Chiang (or Yenni Setiwawan, not sure which I can’t tell them apart. Oh no wait on second though it was Stacey, yeah pretty sure it was Stacy cause it was the tall one not the short one. Oh yeah and also by the way while I’m at it I had said that Yenni (the short one) was going to do a Strictly with Brennar well that was completely wrong Yenni did not do a strictly with Brennar she had never planned to do a Strictly with Brennar it was Deonna who had told me she was gonna do a Strictly with Brennar but I always get Deonna mixed up with Yenni cause they look exactly alike too and they both look exactly like Stacy so thank god Yenni is shorter cause then I always know who’s who there’s the short one the tall one but anyway it was Stacy who danced with Maxence definitely Stacy and they looked great and they placed 6th and she looked SO happy and thrilled and ecstatic when this was announce it was adorable).

Novice JJ

  1. Jesse Decker & Emeline Rochefeuille (one of about 75 crazy-good-dancer hot French beauties at the comp – Cody stumbled over to me in a daze at one point this weekend – I said Cody, you okay dude? he said “Oh uh buh uh yeah yeah I’m-ok-lotta-really-bootiful-French-women-here-uh-buh-wuhwuhblurb). Oh and cool thing Jackie did: all non-USers got free Atlanta T-shirts. Robert Royston said he asked Jackie how they were supposed to know, when somebody came up asking for their free t-shirt, if they were from France or not and Jackie said “Way-yul Robert silly boy! Thy hay-uv tew speak weee-uth an ac-cyent.”
  2. Dean Fields & Kathleen Armstrong
  3. Chris Crisp & Estelle Bonnaire

Intermediate JJ

  1. Reginald Beason & Melodie Chardonnet
  2. Cadet Sebastion & Verane Auburge
  3. Francois Raynaud & Liza May
  4. Gerry Morris and Blandine Iche
  5. Neil Crosbie and Anna Lumsden
  6. Andy Vanosdale and Tracey Melin
  7. Vance Harbuck and Carrie Stevens
  8. Stephane Domingez and Lina Kulikowski
  9. Kyle Merrit and Natasha Smith
  10. Nick Jones and Wendy Cart
  11. Michael Monaco and Melody Carr

Advanced/Allstar JJ

  1. Brenner Goree & Yenni Setiawan
  2. PJ Turner & Courtney Adair
  3. Gregory Scott & Lemery Rollins
  4. Scott Stuart (his last JJ in the United States) and Kelly Hull
  5. Trey and Brianne
  6. Stephen White and Samantha Buckwalter
  7. JB and Melissa Greene
  8. Victor and Debbie Noble
  9. Josh Clark and Kat Ostrenski (and her last JJ here. Farewell Ozzies! See you in October for Boogie By The Bay!)
  10. James H and the terribly unattractive Melissa Rollins
  11. James Formelio and Khyrystyna Cuismano
  12. Steven Hunt and Tori Ellington
  13. Earl Pingel and Taylor Harrell
  14. Carpio Robles and Heidi Batdorf

That’s results – more soon …

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