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Capital 2012 Update #5

We’ve just finished Awards for this evening’s comps – routines! Love that Awards are presented throughout the day, after each comp! So much better than having to wait for Sunday, when everyone’s spacey and exhausted, packing up rooms, trying to make flights. What a difference it makes to have results as they happen during the comp. Yay for Lance, working tirelessly in the back room to get all the scoring done quickly and correctly. And without a competitors’ meeting!

Lots of results today!

First, Jack and Jills:


  1. Place Cameron Crook and Sammi Sekhon $100
  2. Steven Guido and Amanda McKamey $70
  3. Spencer Kelly and Hannah Clonch $50
  4. Harlan Falejczuk and Nicole Clonch $40
  5. David Guido and Irne Gomez $40

Novice: (from a field of 50 girls, 50 guys):

  1. Nick Hughes and Jess Rohr $200
  2. Brendan Jacques and Regina Burke $150
  3. David Dobyns and Heather Sturgeon $100
  4. Daniel Silveira and Alina Mihai $70
  5. Mike D. Anderson and Kara Christen


  1. Nate Woodward and Hope Kukielski
  2. James Cook and Terra Deva
  3. Jay Tsai and Shantala Davis
  4. Larkin Beanland and Kim Rhyner
  5. Jay Trombler and Kendra Zara


  1. Clint Glasgow and Ellyn Brady
  2. Shaheed Qaasim and Susan Brown
  3. Warren Pino and Marina Gutsch
  4. Tom Bryant and Tashina Beckman
  5. Brandon Rasmussen and Elise Valdez

And here are the winners for tonight’s routines (Tonight was great! So many terrific routines! Four juniors, two Sophisticated, and TWELVE Classic! I’ll tell you about them in the next update – for now here are the top five winners:

Juniors Routines

  1. Chris and Nicole $400
  2. Cameron and Amanda $200
  3. Steven and Hanna $150
  4. Brandon and Madison $100


  1. Jeff and Susan Brown
  2. Scott and Dawne


  1. Ronnie and Brandi
  2. Brennar and Torri
  3. Ben and Melissa
  4. Sean and Courtney
  5. Jake and Kara Frenzl

and last of all, Champions Strictly:

  1. Benji and Brandi
  2. Nic King and Yenni
  3. Jordan and Melissa Rutz
  4. John Lindo and Torri
  5. Kyle and Tatiana

Tomorrow I’ll tell you all about these divisions … amazing dancing! Breathtaking. Inspiring

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