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Exenia Rocco is a west coast swing dancer.

And look what else she is!

I only discovered Exenia recently when she posted a series of extremely thoughtful tomes on Facebook, on that white woman who pretended to be black, and we became friends. She's smart, beautiful, talented - and she's a west coast swing dancer. Who knew?

Here's the link to her album.

Also ...

I thought it might be helpful for new communities around the world with limited access to events and event music to share the vast cumulation of west coast swing songs I've amassed since the 80's. Many lists of west coast "standards" have been done before, but the newer communities might not be aware of these or know where to find the songs. So here's my addition to those lists.

It's a Spotify list. I'm adding to it every week, as I get time to find songs that exist on Spotify (not all do) and add them.

This collection is not even remotely comprehensive, of course. It's just stuff I've liked and deejayed as the totally novice amateur deejay I am, here at home, for small local dances. So take it with a "grain of salt."

I've got two lists going: One for songs 2014 and before, back to the 80's. And one for new 2015 songs I'm adding as this year goes along.

You may not like my taste.


Here are a few from the "New 2015" list, in case those Spotify links up there don't work on your device ...

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