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Phoenix 2014 Update #1 – THE PHOENIX RISES AGAIN!

Um, that’s the view from our room.


The Camelback!

This is ridiculous.

First-Class Luxury prima primo on steroids

The rooms! Holy mackerel! Magnificent.

Stone, wide-board hardwood, clay, stucco, heavy leather furniture, expansive contemporary bathrooms with double sinks, designed shower, granite, lighting, makeup mirrors, glass tiles to outside walls, charging ports everywhere, wired and wireless internet, gorgeous pillows, bedding, comforters, drapes, floor-to-ceiling windows, patios.

Every detail here is a work of art. Every detail designed for comfort, luxury, and upgraded modern convenience in ways you didn’t think of but they did.

And you’re treated like royalty by the staff.

And the landscapes! The vistas! Mountains! Clay! Cactus gardens! Desert flowers!

And the weather! Blue blue skies, yellow sun, white heat, velvet breezes. Enough to make you drunk just gazing.

And the pools!

And the 24-hour anywhere-on-the-grounds room service!

I had forgotten just how spectacular it feels just to be here at the Camelback – even without a dance event. Famous resort. Several years ago rated the top resort in the United States.

Certainly the best venue on our dance circuit – here in the States, at least.

We came to Phoenix so many years. Man it’s great to be back.

Famous, famous Phoenix Fourth of July Convention.

So many stories!

So much community history happened in this place. Hope to tell a few stories over the next few days.


  • An Intensive taught by the Roystons,
  • A Champagne Party for International dancers, to welcome them to the U.S. and Phoenix
  • Workshops all day long
  • A pre-comp “Just For Fun Jack and Jill,” and
  • A second Kickoff Dance (there was a dance last night, Wednesday, too – next year we’re coming in early enough to not miss it.)

The schedule for the next five days is packed. With low-stress, partying funness – what this event has always been about.

Helllllllo-o-o-o Phoenix. We have missed you.

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