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USO 2016 Update #11 - No Words


I am simply overwhelmed.

First the teams, then showcase. It was an extraordinary night. I am overcome with emotion.

This picture is my mistake, not theirs.

I didn't catch the precise moment when they were exactly in the precise middle of that stage,; and had rotated their torsos at precisely the same speed, and height; and had mirrored placement of their arms and legs to be exactly in the same shape and location in space.

The degree of attention to every detail, the pursuit of perfection, no words.

The level of both artistry and mastery of technical craftsmanship that we witnessed here last night -

At the Kennedy Center might not feel as astounding but that it happened here, in this hotel, in this relatively small, close-knit family community of ours - it's overwhelming. We know these people. We've watched their progress, watched them live life. We know the amount of work, the amount of caring, that's required.

It becomes very clear that what we're witnessing here has NOTHING in the world to do with competing. The competition part is a sort of "game," like Rock/Paper/Scissors, played for fun, but utterly meaningless. Winning money is nice, a trophy, bragging rights. But really, who cares. In 20 years, in 2 years, by next year, we will not ask where did they place, we won't care. It doesn't matter. What lasts is the piece of work itself. That lives on forever, a small bit of beauty contributed to human civilization.

On the stream you can't hear the audience. It's a remarkable scene here.

Jordan and Tat didn't do their exhibition last night because of Jordan's shoulder injury - he's not allowed to dance yet. I'm almost glad they didn't because the idea of facing 27 Classic Routines, then 23 Rising Star routines, then nine Masters routines, then 11 Sophisticated routines, then 12 new Classic Finals routines - to add a new Jordan and Tatiana routine on top of that - honestly, don't think I could handle it.

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