Liza May

Desert City 2014 Update #4 – AWARDS!


Just over! Scoresheets still on the walls, crowds of tired, happy people clustered around them laughing, discussing, taking pictures with phones. Great happy vibe in that sunny room with Arizona golden sunset light streaming in the floor-to-ceiling glass…

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Desert City 2014 Update #3 – WHO MADE FINALS?


Sorry no update last night – no hotel wifi in my room, fought all night with it, and tech support, finally gave up…

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Desert City 2014 Update #2 – Headlights!


Laaaazy day, floating lazily along on the lazy river, with a lazy fruity drink, lazing with friends, lazy chomping on lazy food at the cafe, lazing around on lounge chairs in the hot hot hot hot hot hot sun …

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Summer Hummer 2014 Update #5 – CLASSIC! DIAMONDS! SONGS!


And finally … for you deejays and music collectors, here is some of the…

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Summer Hummer 2014 Update #4 – Showcase, Kissing, and Cooking


Lot of non-USers at Summah Hummah this year! Flags from every country draped across the backdrop.

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Summer Hummer 2014 Update #3 – POOL PARTY!


Summah Hummahhhh! It’s been a week, just today unpacked my suitcase.

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Summer Hummer 2014 Update #2 – SCORES!


And now … before stories …

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Summer Hummer 2014 Update #1 – The Most Boring Update Ever Written. In Tables.


For Summer Hummer I got the brilliant idea to use fancy formatted tables for updates on contestants. I thought tables would look better than my hand-typed lists, with names the spelled wrong, very amateurish…

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